Our products

Custom made molded parts
By compression or injection

We mold – by compression or injection – the entire range of standard elastomers: NBR, EPDM, Viton as well as thermoplastics: TPE, SEBS, etc.
We can also develop specific combinations for distinctive needs.

Cut gaskets and flat seals

Die cut or kiss-cut is a skill that we have mastered for many years. Our commitment to quality and service enables us to perfectly cater to your needs and all kinds of products: compact elastomer, foam, sound-proofing, packaging/protection, Graphite, modified PTFE, etc. – all non-ferrous materials.


There are numerous profiles: mono or bi-material, compact or cellular with or without metallic insert. We can also create any customized profile whatsoever thanks to the low cost of a draw plate and thus perfectly comply with a given implementation.

Dip Coating

Dip Coating is a cheap process suited to small or medium-size ranges to create protection or surfacing in PVC, Absite, etc. The low investment in equipment allows us to produce low cost items, whether simple or more sophisticated.
It’s a very efficient way of making prototypes.

Hydraulic joints

Whatever the dimensions or type of material, ALL PRODUCTS provides all the hydraulic joints you may need in compliance with international standards of use: O-ring seal, lip seal, stem seal, piston seal, wiper seal.



Over the years, ALL PRODUCTS has selected a varied team of serious partners that enable us to provide a large range of assemblies, sub-assemblies and accessories

• Custom made plastic storage crates,

• Totem poles in protective composite,

• Metallic parts and accessories,

• Anti-fatigue flooring,